With the use of UnsubscribePacketBuilder it’s possible to unsubscribe from a topic. An UnsubscribePacketBuilder can be created through MQTTClient’s CreateUnsubscribePacketBuilder.


  • WithAcknowledgementCallback(UnSubscribeAcknowledgementDelegate acknowledgementCallback)

A callback can be added that will be called when the server acknowledges the unscubscription. Any other reason code than Success is an error and means that unsubscribing from the topic failed.

void UnSubscribeAcknowledgementDelegate(MQTTClient client, string topicName, UnsubscribeAckReasonCodes reasonCode)

Possible reason code values:

  • Success
  • NoSubscriptionExisted
  • UnspecifiedError
  • ImplementationSpecificError
  • NotAuthorized
  • TopicFilterInvalid
  • PacketIdentifierInUse


void UnSubscribeAcknowledgementCallback(MQTTClient client, string topicName, UnsubscribeAckReasonCodes reasonCode)
    Debug.Log($"Unsubscribe request from {topicName} returned: {reasonCode}");