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Best HTTP/2 Protocols

Best HTTP/2 is a collection of protocols making them available on all major platforms including WebGL.

HTTP Requests

Send out your REST API requests with this versatile HTTP 1.1/HTTP 2 client.


Lowest level protocol on the World Wide Web waiting to help you implent your custom protocol.

Socket.IO v3+

Connect to your Node.js server in minutes and start implementing your gameplay logic.

SignalR Core

Reach your hubs using this high performance real-time protocol.

Server-Sent Events (Event-Source)

When you don't need bi-directional communication, Server-Sent Events is always there for you!

Best HTTP/2 - Addons

Addons are optional assets for Best HTTP/2 to make your life easier.

cURL Parser Addon

Found a cURL command on the internet but don't know how to translate it to a Best HTTP request? Just copy the command into the parser window and generate the code with one click!

TLS Security Addon

Writing good and generic certificate verifier is hard and tedious work, but the TLS Security Addon with its one line setup is here to help you out.

Profiler Addon

View internal statistics about the plugin in the Unity Profiler Window.


Best MQTT is the implemtation of the popular publish-subscribe MQTT protocol.


Powerfull publish-subscribe protocol waiting for you to integrate into your application.


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