The Socket.IO implementation uses features that the plugin already have. It will send HTTPRequests to get the handshake data, sending and receiving packets when the polling transport is used with all of its features(cookies, connection reuse, etc.). And the WebSocket implementation is used for the WebSocket transport.

Brief feature list of this Socket.IO implementation:

  • Easy to use and familiar api
  • Compatible with the latest Socket.IO specification
  • Seamless upgrade from polling transport to websocket transport
  • Automatic reconnect on disconnect
  • Easy and efficient binary data sending and multiple ways of receiving
  • Powerful tools to use it in an advanced mode(switch the default encoder, disable auto-decoding, etc.)

If you want to connect to a Socket.IO service you can do it using the BestHTTP.SocketIO.SocketManager class. First you have to create a SocketManager instance:

using System;
using BestHTTP;
using BestHTTP.SocketIO;

var manager = new SocketManager(new Uri(""));

Socket.IO 3 and 4 support

For Socket.IO 3 and up, use classes from the BestHTTP.SocketIO3 namespace!