Handling of cookie operations are transparent to the programmer. Setting up the request Cookie header and parsing and maintaining the response’s Set-Cookie header are done automatically by the plugin. However it can be controlled in various ways: It can be disabled per-request or globally by setting the HTTPRequest object’s IsCookiesEnabled property or the HTTPManager.IsCookiesEnabled property. Cookies can be deleted from the Cookie Jar by calling the CookieJar.Clear() function. New cookies that are sent from the server can be accessed through the response’s Cookies property. There are numerous global setting regarding cookies. See the Global Settings section for more information.

Cookies can be added to a HTTPRequest by adding them to the Cookies list:

var request = new HTTPRequest(new Uri(address), OnFinished);
request.Cookies.Add(new Cookie("Name", "Value"));

These cookies will be merged with the server sent cookies. If IsCookiesEnabled is set to false on the request or in the HTTPManager, then only these user-set cookies will be sent.